Monday, October 8, 2012

Artsy fartsy and research methods

This semester is shaping up to be about two things: creative endeavors and research methods. That's good, because working on creative skills keeps me healthy, happy and sane, and working on research methods will make the rest of this PhD go a lot better.

On the creative side, I'm painting with a friend once a week. The first day I went to her house to work I happened to be kind of stressed about various things, but about two hours into fixing trees and warming up my sky, I realized that in focusing on making something, I had forgotten about everything that was bothering me. Drawing pictures is one of the only things that has that effect for me, although other creative projects can come close sometimes. So my theory is that more drawing now means fewer wrinkles later.

I'm also taking dance lessons, one by myself in a big group, and one with Lukas in a small group. In the big group, our Peruvian instructor teaches in German but counts in Spanish, and the rest of the class looks about 19. Every new dance partner is delighted to discover that I speak English, and tells me about his last US vacation. In the class with Lukas, however, we count in a funny dialect where Zwo means 2. Who says Zwo!? I've never heard Zwo in all my five years in Switzerland. I understand a lot of what she says, but not as much as I would if she were more inclined to say "Zwei" or even "Zwoi." But we're still learning, and we're not even too bad at it.

And research methods...well, 3 courses on the subject. I should be research design competent by the end.


  1. "Zwo" is also used in military/radio language to clearly distinguish "Zwei" from "Drei" :-)

  2. And apparently in dance language. I still find her hard to understand on the whole, but that's ok. It's entertainment for the class.

  3. Well, it is never too early to start thinking about diminishing wrinkles! :P Begin with the end in mind they say! And if it is with fun diversions, even better! :) Hope the dance classes continue to go wonderfully! :) Christi