Friday, October 5, 2012

Poster! And kinda proud of it.

We're getting ready for the Swiss Researching Africa Days conference in Bern later this month. My work partner and I still have a paper and presentation to finish writing together, but at least my poster is done! It's not really a normal academic poster...but I like it. Feels like it has my stamp on it. And I re-learned a lot in Illustrator in the process of making it. Look for it soon decorating a University hall near you! :)

check out the more readable version.


  1. Great Job, Steph! Informative and fun to look at... hope the conference is wonderful!:) Christi

  2. Wonderful poster Steph. I did notice that in the quote by Ian Hacking, that the sentence: "A new way of describing people does not only crate....", should this be create and not crate? I hope that your conference goes very well.
    :) Susan

  3. Such a lovely poster!

  4. Thanks, Susan. That was pointed out by my pa, too, and it's already been changed in the original file. I was just to lazy to change my image here. Thank you for mentioning it, though. I wouldn't have wanted it to go to print like that.