Monday, July 2, 2012

Painting in Tuscany

I'm recently back from Tuscany, where I attended a PhD summer school for 5 days, presented my research context to peers from around Europe, met a pretty cool Portugese cartoonist professor who encouraged me to read in the non-verbal cognition field for direction in my project, and where I spent 3 extra happy days drawing olive orchards and Italian streets. I'm slow at painting, so I didn't finish anything while I was there, but here's one that almost done (upper left corner is mostly done...everything else still needs some work. I'll post a new picture when it's all finished!):

Plus, a lot of inspiration for more paintings from Cortona:


  1. Beautiful pictures of Italy. I love the food there as well. Sue

  2. Looking better each time. Some good subject material in the other photos you took.........I like #2,10, & 13. NOW....when you got nothing else to do !!!!!! Ernie