Thursday, March 1, 2012

The last of Winter

Someone threw the Spring switch last week. Now the flowers and the temperatures are up and my flip flops have already made their season debut. As usual, I'm making new acquaintances every day I wear them. They're such a conversation starter! But before I start with the spring pictures and activities, the last of winter:

So, church retreat in Lungern a couple weeks ago, when it was still cold. Sara and I went early on Friday afternoon to get some sledding in before everyone else arrived Friday night, and I was so happy we did! Check out the sunset! And also, it was super fun to hang out with her over the weekend.

I had a backpack full of breakfast supplies for the retreat. I almost got stuck in the train.

On Saturday Sara went snowboarding with Raph and Dom, and I worked on learning to ski. You may remember pictures from last time I was learning to ski...I'm carrying my skis in most of those pictures. I made some progress this year, however! Hans spent all day helping me and another beginner. It's a good thing too, because last weekend I went to the beginner ski camp with the university, but I missed the first day of lessons because I was sick. If I hadn't had Hans' help the week before, I couldn't have managed.

After skiing, Sara taught Raph and me how to lose at foosball.

We went for a walk on Sunday, past the church, up to the frozen waterfall, and along the slippery path beside the lake.

We met a cute cow.

Yup. Lungern. Thanks for sharing some of these pictures, Gina!

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