Thursday, February 24, 2011

Basel Bound!

I think most of you know by now that my PhD proposal was accepted and I will be moving back to Basel soon. I'm not sure when, but it's looking like April.

I was already planning to go to Switzerland in March to see friends there before and after hopping over to Ireland for Valda and Richard's wedding. Now, I'll use the trip to also meet with my new team, find an apartment, and start to move my stuff.

I'll arrive in Zurich next week and get right onto another plane for Salzburg, where I'll meet my boss and another newly hired phd dude, hop in a cab and 20 minutes later arrive at the university in time for the board meeting of the Humer Foundation--the folks who are generously funding our work. We'll all give presentations (the others' in German, mine in English), and we'll listen to 6 other presentations from other universities. Then, we'll go out to dinner with everyone. Then off to the hotel for what will be a much needed snooze by that time, and in the morning, we'll fly back to Zurich to catch a train to finally take me to Basel.

The next day I'll have lunch with friends, and attend a meeting about a house I might move into. After that, I plan to relax for a half a day at least.

You're up to date. More soon.

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  1. My goodness! You are one busy bee! I'm super sad that I missed seeing you while you were in the states. Major bummer! But, we'll keep in touch, right?