Friday, February 25, 2011


This morning I returned the last of my tutoring materials and student assessments to the tutoring company. I got some feedback on their progress. Juan's pre-tests placed him (arguably not very accurately) in the 2nd percentile. Post test? 86th percentile, and an increase equivalent of two grade levels! Great job, Juan! I'm quite proud of the little guy--at least as proud of him as he was of his brand new purple skinny jeans, which he mentioned about 6 times in our one hour meeting on Tuesday. I will definitely miss spending three evenings a week with my energetic, funny, creative little friend--even though he does gloat when he beats me at Go Fish, even though he had the audacity to call me "baby" this week, and even though he does want to name a pet dog "Stephanie Juan."

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  1. Hey kiddo. What are you up to? Still roaming around in Ireland or back in Switzerland? People are asking about you and we don't know what to tell them. You need to update your blog!
    Don't forget photos.