Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunny Basel and Rainy Luzern

I feel like I ought to say something interesting, but instead, some pictures and a song will have to do.

On mom and dad's first full day of sight-seeing in Basel, we enjoyed the view overlooking the Rhine from Pfalz, behind the Munster. It was HOT that day! See the first bridge in the background? That's where my eggshell-blue-with-stars-on-the-inside sleeping bag and I plan to move, in the event that we don't find a job. Of course, in Basel we stopped at all the obligatory places, including the Spalentor...

and Barfi.

and we had lunch by the Tinguely Fountain in Basel. Dad was impressed with the fountain's moving parts only until he figured out that they weren't water-powered. Then it was just your garden variety, sorta-artsy metal with motors. :)

We went to Luzern on foggy, damp day. My britches were soon soaked from hem to knee.

The flower boxes on the bridge were worth the trip all on their own, I thought! Even on a rainy day.

We stepped into this church to get out of the rain. A traveling high school or college choir had the same idea at the same time, and since they were in such a lovely place (or maybe because the acoustics were irresistible), they sang a couple songs for the rest of us as we all stood around with our collapsed umbrellas and soggy shoes.

With just a few hours left before our train home, we decided we didn't really have enough time to adequately explore the Transport Museum. We headed for the Richard Wagner Museum instead, because I wanted to see their exhibition about the pioneers of Swiss hiking who criss-crossed the alps when there were no yellow signs to tell them where to go or how long it would take to get there. Wagner liked the mountains. I reckon long hiking excursions were his way to clear his head temporarily of his many complex and doubtless stressful relationships. He had a house on Lake Luzern, and today it's the museum. Now, if you're ever in Luzern looking for the Richard Wagner Museum, please note it's a long, long walk from the train station. We had the address and knew the general direction, but, after walking for ages, we thought we must have missed it for sure. Fortunately, there was a gas station nearby. Mom and I just popped in there and consulted a map of Luzern. Then we put the map back, smiled at the teller, and left without buying anything. We found the Museum, and this very large bust of Wagner himself.

Other highlights from our trip to Luzern would have to include the extendable dam. Why didn't they just do that at Bonneville or Grand Coulee?

Lastly, for someone who doesn't like sap, I like some awfully mushy songs! David Gilmour sings "The Dimming of the Day":