Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I may be going nuts.

Or...I might just be demonstrating fascinating signs of stress. A couple months ago, I had an odd dream about my teeth falling out for no reason. Really, no reason--they just fell right out of my head. I mentioned it to Rebekkah, who said, oh, that's a very common dream associated with anxiety. Hmm. Interesting, I thought. I was feeling anxious about a particular set of circumstances, so it seemed plausible. I haven't had any more strange dreams, but my latest abnormality is a twitching right eye. It's been throwing fits for a couple weeks now...and a quick Google search has just assured me that it's probably fatigue and stress and not a brain tumor (as I was beginning to suspect).

Whew! At least that's one less thing to stress me out!

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