Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

I don't know what YOU'RE doing up at 1 am Saturday night before Easter, but I am up baking cookies, figuring out what to wear tomorrow and listening to "Walking in Memphis." I like the part that says "Reverend Green would be glad to see you when you haven't got a prayer," because my grandma's daddy was Reverend Green, and I've always looked forward to meeting him.

I've heard the song a few times now tonight and I still haven't decided on what I'm wearing (not that Easter outfits really matter). I do this on Saturday nights to spare my closet the tornado in the morning and to avoid running to the bus, but I usually end up running anyway. Awhile back I was talking to Laura early on a Sunday morning and I admitted to her that I didn't feel very ready for Sunday School, which I was teaching that day, and I didn't know what to wear. "How about nothing?" she said. "That would solve the problem about what to say in Sunday School too. Nobody would pay any attention anyway."
Ah, Laura. Such practical problem solving. That's why you're my best friend.

Anyway, it's time for your yearly Easter reading. Unfortunately, great literature and I have not been on very close terms lately as I'm up to my eyeballs in the social sciences. Your first Easter reading, therefore, is a hymn, and one of my favorites:

Immortal, invisible, God only wise,
In light inaccessible hid from our eyes,
Most blessed, most glorious, the Ancient of Days,
Almighty, victorious, thy great name we praise.

Unresting, unhasting, and silent as light,
Nor wanting, nor wasting, thou rulest in might;
Thy justice like mountains high soaring above
Thy clouds which are fountains of goodness and love.

To all life thou givest to both great and small;
In all life thou livest, the true life of all;
We blossom and flourish as leaves on the tree,
And wither and perish but nought changeth thee.

Great Father of glory, pure Father of light,
Thine angels adore thee, all veiling their sight;
All laud we would render: O help us to see
'Tis only the splendour of light hideth thee.