Sunday, April 11, 2010

grump grump grump

This is a public service notice that Stephanie is in a grumpy phase and feeling frustrated about...oh, pretty much everything lately. So you might want to steer clear, and I won't blame you for it. I will try to focus on positive things, for instance that my (probable) impending move will mean meeting new peeps and maybe spending more time with the familia, or that having 5 presentations to prepare means I'm going to learn some interesting things, or that house sitting this month means hanging out with a very affectionate cat who looks like Tinkerbelle's younger sister. But, by and large, it feels like moving means leaving people and places I like for a currently unspecified job that may or may not be interesting, and presentations and house/cat sitting take up a lot of extra time each week and I don't get to see said people I like, which is more frustrating and disappointing than it might normally be since I'm (probably) leaving soon.

The grumpiness was mitigated by M&Ms and a ride to the train station after church earlier. :) Amazing how far chocolate and a ride will go! I remember when I was an RA in college, if someone was having a particularly bad day (usually evidenced by long, quiet, teary phone calls sitting on the floor in the hall), the girls would take up a chocolate collection to cheer the person up. Whether it was the chocolate or the caring attention, it worked wonders.

On the job front, I'm applying for a couple jobs in Editing this week. They're located in Boston. I've always wanted to visit Boston, and while I don't really want to move there, at least the jobs genuinely interest me. I'm also applying for a communications job with Legacy Health in Portland, and I might apply for another communications position, also in PDX, but the problem is this company has already turned down my application for 4 or 5 other things in the last 9 months. I'd like to work for them though. What do you think--is it desperate or just persistent to keep applying as things come up? Someone said the worst they can say is no, but I think the worst they can say is "GOOD GRIEF! What a thick-skulled so and so who can't take no for an answer! We'll NEVER hire her," and that, of course, is worse and more permanent than simply "no."


  1. The bad thing we found about Boston is that housing is out-of-sight expensive. So before you go, be sure to study house prices in Switzerland for a while.

    The great thing about Boston is...a lot. The public transit isn't nearly as nice as Basel's, but it exists and it works well. The museums, the history, the restaurants, the art, the music, the colleges, the New England Historic Genealogical Society Library...not that I expect the last to appeal to anyone besides me. :)

  2. well, you are talking to a historian...libraries are inspiring. :)

  3. Well, try a novel form of communication, and they might say "Gosh! that thick-skulled so-and-so! But at least she's entertaining..."

    So fold your resume into a cute little origami figure, or decorate it with stickers for effect, or have it printed as a hologram - the sky's the limit!

  4. With an application advisor like you, who needs authentic experience! Mercy Corps, if you're paying attention, consider the creative potential behind a hologram CV...and hire the girl who sent one!