Friday, March 5, 2010

Portland for the unacquainted

I've recently tried to explain Portland to a few people. It's hard to do. Richard Nixon says that in all his travels to various cities in the states, it was the city he found to be the most like Europe...which might help. Probably doesn't though. Anyway, a nice little examples of typical Portland:
blog with a post about Hair. I went to school with the sister of the girl who did these hair cuts/styles, and I know the guy in the grey suit. Nice guy.


  1. Hey,
    What time are you and Jess planning for Sunday? :) Christi

  2. Christi! 8 pm my time, so that's 11am your time...but it's flexible, and I'll email you in case you don't see this.

  3. I see it! I'll be getting back from church around then, so I might chime in a little bit on the later side! :) Christi