Tuesday, December 15, 2009

South Africa Photos

As promised, a few pictures from my time in South Africa.First, my thatched-roof room in Midrand:

I was in the "Orange" room...can you tell?

Pizza night! Hanging out with the roommates. I don't have any pictures of Martin. He left after the first week and wasn't around much the week he was there.

On a walk with Schalk and Anthony. This is along the running route we normally took. Shortly after this they got tired of me taking pictures of trees and flowers and tried to confiscate my camera until we got home. It didn't work.

Schalk from South Africa on the left, Anthony from Zimbabwe on the right. We took these the night before Schalk left, despite his protests that he hates having his picture taken. Schalk is a farmer from near Bloemfontein, where his family has a 1000 head of cattle and run a game farm.

Anthony doesn't mind having his picture taken. He's also a very talented pen and ink artist. He had two great drawings there at the house, one of a crocodile's head and one of a lizard. We're going to do a drawing swap sometime this next year.

Some tourism:
Pretoria, from in front of the Union Buildings (Capitol buildings).
Union Building.

Voortrekker Monument. You can read more about the monument here

Flying in Helicopters:

If you look very closely, you'll see there's a bungee jumping platform between these two towers.

Flying over it at low levels is a great way to see the city, but I can't remember where this was. I think it was maybe Pretoria...could have been Johannesburg too though.

Joshua, doing his pre-flight routine.

Hartbeespoort Dam.

That's a R44 you're looking at there, folks.

Safari:Amanda and I enjoyed a drive through Pilanesberg National Park on Saturday. Here's just a few of the pictures from that excursion.


  1. I look forward to seeing the rest of the photos from your trip.

    I'm also glad you are back in the Basel area.

  2. Cool pics! I hope your trip was great and that your presentation goes well! :) Christi