Monday, December 14, 2009

South Africa, Dubai, dahei...

I'm sitting in Dubai again, headed home. My first flight had half the world's population of professional rugby players on board...The Scotland team, the US team, the French team, the Russian team, the Portugal team, and a handful or so of guys from the New Zealand, British and Irish teams, just to name the ones I was aware of. Two things about the lot of them: first, in general rugby players have a lot going for them, but the Portugal team...they have a LOT a lot going for them. Second, Rugby players are humongous. They don't look so big on TV (hard to believe, I know, but I have in fact watched 2 Rugby games on TV since moving to Europe. That's a rate of one game per annum), but standing in a crowd of them, I felt extremely petite even though, as you know, around ordinary mortals I'm average size. And yet somehow, even with all those giants in Economy class, Steph got a bulkhead aisle seat. How fantastic is that! Best cheap seat on the whole airplane. The trade off was that my Paris-bound neighbor was obviously very sick with a fever. I hope I don't get that.

Saturday I went on a mini safari at a game park in the North West Province. We saw a lot of animals, and even though I had kind of thought, "see one rhino (or zebra or giraffe) and you've seen them all," I really enjoyed driving through the bush and finding animals that were out wandering about. It is nicer than the zoo. I'll put up some pictures when I get home.

Gotta go. More soon about my trip.


  1. Well, Steph;

    We are sorry we missed catching you online...and hope you don't catch that fever. Care to elaborate on the Portugese rugby team? (For us lesser mortals who also lack imagination, hence the ability to read between lines...)

    Glad you are safely back in Switzerville. Try to get lots of sleep, so as not to get sick...this would not be a good time for that!

    Dad and Mom

  2. The Portugese boys have tall, dark and handsome genes on their side.