Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Rebekkah and her roommates hosted a Halloween party Saturday night. I didn't have time or supplies to make a very creative costume last week, and Saturday afternoon I was tied up writing a book review on Peace and Conflict in Africa (good book, by the way. I'd recommend it if you're interested in strategies for sustainable peace, or the integration of the liberal peace project and traditional endogenous conflict resolution mechanisms). In the last 10 minutes before running out the door, I quickly cut out a piece of cardboard, printed a sign, and packed some tape in my purse so that I could finish assembling my "Nudist on Strike" costume on the train on the way. Unfortunately, I didn't notice until I was at the party (and Janet pointed it out) that I had mistyped and I was a "nudist on stike." How very disappointing. And how very typical of me, too. Mistakes like this probably really undermine my claims to being a competent editor, and yet it seems I have an editor "hat" that functions quite well when it's on, and the absence of which is very evident when it's "off." Anyway. I added an R to my sign. You can kinda see it squeezed in there, written in pencil.

Valda being catty.
Richard and Rebekkah.

Speaking of editing, I finished my big PhD editing project last week, and I'm enjoying the freedom to prioritize my own projects again. By projects, I mostly mean my MA thesis, but yesterday I also finished the drawing I'd been working on, and I went to a GIGANTIC art store with Sue and Tim to look for framing stuff. I got a silver frame (that I think looks pretty nice!) and the materials I needed to frame it up myself, so it's finally ready to give to my friends! I got two other frames and mats as well, so that just as soon as I draw two more pictures, I can pop them in frames and (hopefully) trade them for some George Washingtons.

Duty calls! Gotta go! Love and miss you peeps at home.


  1. Well the t and the r are right next to each other. Sometimes we type so fast that the keybord it not keping track of it :) So I would blame the slow keyboard in comparison to the extrem fast writer :p

  2. And true to form, Janet actually didn't noticed the typo until Stephan pointed it out.

  3. Aw, Janet. I was so impressed before that admission.