Saturday, November 21, 2009

Spiderman 3

I'm supposed to be packing. Actually, I WAS packing, and then I remembered I was hungry and hadn't had dinner. So, I'm taking this culinary opportunity to tell you a story (and I still plan to be in bed in a half hour).

Yesterday my 12 year old neighbor kid came over for his weekly English lesson. That's going well--I enjoy our chats and he seems to. We're learning some really practical vocabulary and doing a lot of role play scenarios.

"Simon says put your socks on your ears."
"Simon says put your shoes on your hands."
"Simon says don't take your shoes off your hands, and put this stocking cap on your head."

See? Clearly useful. After that, we worked on understanding the song "Fun House" by Pink (yay for youtube! Very helpful teaching resource). He asked me how I watch TV at home, since I don't seem to have a TV. Well, I said, I don't watch much TV, but it just so happens I do have internet TV now and get the normal Swiss channels. I showed him how it works and he explained to me which channels he thinks are best. "oh, and this one--do you like movies?" he asked.
"Ok," he continued, very earnestly, "On Sunday night, at 20.15, this one is showing Spiderman III"


I think that's sweet.

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  1. Don't tell the taxman that you get TV through your computer....