Wednesday, October 7, 2009

work work work

As usual on the job front, when it rains, it pours. I've been busily working away at editing a PhD history thesis on gender in Namibia--thinking about things like the expansion and collapse of Oorlam socio-economic hegemony in Kaoko, and the implications of the raiding economy. To finish the paper on time, I need to finish 20 pages each week day for the next couple weeks, which is several hours of work each day. It looks like I might also get a 400-page project, or part of it, but it has to be done in the next 10 days! Why would anyone wait to find an editor until 10 days before the deadline...that's nuts. But good for me. However, it does mean 60 pages of editing a day, and that's a lot of focused reading time. Interesting thing about me and editing: when I'm tired or getting tired of it, I have a really hard time thinking of nice and constructive ways to suggest changes. I want to circle things and write "THIS IS STUPID! DON'T DO THIS!" which, admittedly, isn't very helpful.

Anyway, thought you'd all be pleased to know I've been a busy bee over here. I'm also trying to sell a couple paintings (the two small landscapes I posted ages ago...this one and this other one ). They are currently down the road in Reinach getting mounted and and matted in a lovely off-white. So, if you want to buy one, speak up! I should say both of these were exercises I did based on another artist's work as a way to learn how to use a new surface and softer pastels. So they aren't "original" in the sense of being my own concept or composition, but naturally they aren't just like the sources I based them on either.

Off to do my daily 20.


  1. Have fun with your editing! It sounds very informative! :) Christi

  2. Gonna be some hard weeks-- but you can do it. Stay cheerful-- (I know you will-- that last is moe to myself, I s'pose.)