Monday, October 5, 2009

Hide n Go Seek

Friday afternoon I took the girls to see the pigs and then on to the play ground just for fun. M2 has just learned to ride her bike without training wheels, and she peddled over there. She even rode the downhill parts, holding the handbrake reeeaaaaallly tight and periodically saying, "see? I'm not scared." She hopped off every now and then to pick up pine cones for me to hold. I scratched the pig's back with one of them and accidentally dropped it in the pig stall. She was offended, but graciously only said, "ok, now don't drop any others!" While we were standing there, she said, "Listen! The chickens are making music!" and when I listened, the yard full of hens pecking, scratching, and quietly talking did sound a bit like a song. M2 notices things like that.

At the play ground, she zipped around on her bike, showing off for the twins from her playgroup who happened to be there too. They still have training wheels on, and were duly impressed. M1 and I played tag (which M2 tried to play with us, but she got mixed up about whether she was being chased or supposed to be chasing, and she didn't like getting tagged. She went back to her bike). M1, on the other hand, was not mixed up, and she is FAST! She's also a great sport, whatever position she is in the game. She generally is bubbling over with the joy of life, no matter what she's doing. She and I played "versteckis" (hide and seek) after tag. The playground is very small and there aren't very many good hiding places, but one time when she was counting I scurried up the play structure and laid down on the top platform. I was in plain sight, but you know how little kids forget to look up (so do robbers, I've read, so keep your valuables up high). It took her ages to find me!! The other little girl kept yelling, "I know where she is!!" and her mom would holler back, "You don't tell!"

When she found me, she scrunched up her nose over a huge smile and said "grrrh!"
So fun. :)


  1. Why do cows wear bells?

    because their horns don't work.

  2. That sounds like a laffy taffy joke...

    Here's another one:
    What did the mushroom say when he was kicked out of the bar???

    "Hey! I'm a fun guy!"