Wednesday, September 30, 2009

drawing almost done

My picture is getting pretty close to done now. I've spent too long on it and have been going in circles half the time I think. My background hills got kind of dark when I wasn't looking, so I need to lighten them up I think, and I'd like to add some final brights on my trees and stuff.

I'm open to critical thoughts or suggestions of what might help it be better...though I don't promise to do what you think I ought to. :)


  1. What is the physical size of this drawing? Is it tiny, like the last one you did?

    In a way, I like the relative darkness of the distant hills-- they look cooler, a little more green, as does the foreground in your picture.

    But, then, I am partial to green hills.


  2. Yup. That's tiny...especially for pastels, I think.

    Nice work. I still like the shady green look.


  3. I don't know anything art so I can't give critical comments -- but I'm awestruck and think it's beautiful.

  4. hey steph,
    both pictures/versions are amazing! Though I have to say if I had to decide between the first version you posted and this one, I'd go for the first version. And there is only one reason for that: I prefer the warmer colors.
    I'm looking at both pictures right now and it got quite a bit darker/bluer during the last few days.
    But that's basically what you said yourself in your post:
    - less blue/dark for the background
    - more light/yellow for the grass and maybe the birch

  5. I like the composition and the weighting of the birch and the shack. As to the background darkness or blueness, I'm indifferent - it depends on whether you're aiming for verisimilitude or a good contrast to the birch - but regarding the railroad bridge in the background, there I'd prefer a more smudgy look. Once noticed, it kept drawing my eyes back to it because of how it stands out. I suppose a lighter background would indeed help that aspect, but I doubt lightening up the whole image is the only possible solution.