Sunday, September 27, 2009

the Canning, continued

It looks like I may finally start my pear canning tomorrow. Before I forget, here's the link to the oh-so-inspiring canning video from Portland Preserve:


I looked around town for some of the supplies I would need to can this way (basically the same as what mom does), but I didn't find them. I called some capable American ladies I know, who all said, uhm....we don't think people do it like that here. Finally, I talked to Dom and Raph's mom who told me how she does pears ohne fancy-pants equipment, and she even lent me some jars. How nice is that. :) Lukas helped me purchase and haul pears home from across town this evening, so I'm set to go.

In other things creative and inspiring, yesterday I had a very nice Stephanie day. I started by sleeping in a bit--an important part of any Stephanie day. Then I had a schoggiweggli (bread with chocolate in it) and coffee on my way to the art museum to see 70 of Van Gogh's landscapes in the "Between Earth and Heaven" exhibition. (Each ticket was linked to an hour long entry-time window, and my window was 10-11. I figured if I got there at 10, I'd probably have to wait in line and would be stuck the whole way through with a crowd of old people who had probably all shown up at 9.15. So I got a bus at 10, got there at half past, and wouldn't you know there was already a long line of older folks waiting for the 11-12 window?! And I could walk right in. Silly people.). But anyway. Back to the paintings. I'd seen a couple of them before, but most were new to me. The roughly chronological display of the pieces made it easy to see the growth in his sense of composition and technical ability, as well as his shifting style over the years and the influences he was reflecting. After that, I browsed a few stores, and enjoyed a falafel lunch by the Tingely Fountain (This one), and considered as I watched the birds and the fountain that if I ever had a restaurant like that one, I'd list that Falafel as "Full Awful," just for my own amusement. After that I went home, where I had a little visit with M1 and M2, took care of some chores and listened to more of Leo Tolstoy's The Cossacks (a book near the top of my list for favorites at the moment), and stared at my drawing. It's been living on probation, taped to the front of my closet with blue scotch tape. I'm not very content with it yet, but I have a couple ideas of what might help.

And...that was more or less my Saturday. Talked to some of my favorite people too. That was great, and Grandma told me how to make applesauce. mmmm. :) It was a good day.


  1. I would have loved to have spent the day with you!! Seeing Van Gogh's work would have been interesting and lunch by the fountain would have been fun. The video on pear canning makes me want to can pears. (I can't believe I am saying that.)I have some pears ripening , and although I know better than to think it will be fun,the video made it look like it will be. Let us know how it goes.


  2. Mama, you're the BEST! I can just hear you saying, mid-project, like always..."this is the stupidest idea..." :) But of course I wouldn't bother canning at all if you didn't do it. You're very influential, you know.