Thursday, June 11, 2009

15 days...

15 days until I get to go home! Woohoo! Things I'm looking forward to, besides the very obvious one of seeing family and friends: flavored coffee creamers. My great fluffy towels. Drive-through coffee stands and peppermint mochas. Tinkerbelle. BBQ with the neighbors. BURGERS! Gales Creek store and midnight Plaid Pantry runs with Brian. Clapshaw Hill Road. Driving. BIG bookstores and BIG craft stores. Cannon Beach. Camp 18. Fishing! Country music. The Columbia River Gorge, and those fantastic icecream cones at Cascade Locks. Summer reading. Movie nights at Gregg's house.

15 more days.

But that 15 days, I have a TON of stuff to do for school, work, getting ready to leave, etc., so I shall be very busy and probably kinda stressed out. Just fyi.

In other news, steph got a haircut and is now a much happier camper.


  1. Yikes, only 15 days left to wash her car, to get her bed back from the relatives, to stock up on the tea she likes,to get Tinkerbelle brushed and looking great... :) Looking forward to having you home!

  2. don't take my guitar with you... ;-)

  3. I told you that Grandpa needed your bed after he had his surgery since he was not able to go up the stairs. Remember???? He now goes up and down the stairs just fine so Grandma is eager to get the bed back to us, just in time for your arrival home.

  4. I promise not to take your guitar, Lukas! I was just thinking yesterday we really must get together before I go so that I can return it and finally see your pictures...and just to visit, cuz it's been a long time!

    And I suppose it's ok you lent my bed to Grandpa...I'll put it on his tab.

  5. ha! a long time? it's been ages!!! :-)