Wednesday, March 11, 2009

the distraction that is youtube

I hopped on youtube a little bit ago to find a song someone recommended, and was distracted by the vlogbrothers "PEEPS for Bangladesh" project. I ran across these guys back when Palin was chosen as McCain's running mate. Hank and John are brothers who record videos back and forth to each other, and are often interesting and always amusing. Now, I'm not promoting their project necessarily; I just think John makes a good point about intimacy and empathy, and found the video thought provoking.

Our compassion is nearsighted. Lamentations says the compassion of the Lord never fails. And we're supposed to be compassionate like he is.

Psalm 72:13-14. He will have compassion on the poor and the needy, and the lives of the needy he will save. He will rescue their life from oppression and violence; and their blood will be precious in his sight.

Psalm 139 (very famously) talks about how God is intimately acquainted with people. He knows when we get up and when we lie down, understands out thoughts, and scrutinizes the way we go. Before we speak he knows what we'll say, and he has his hand upon us. Wherever we go, his spirit is there too. If intimacy is linked to empathy, then it's no surprise that his compassion for us is as deep as his understanding.

We're to love our neighbors, including the ones way off in Bangladesh and Africa (ha! you knew I'd mention the continent, didn't you!?), so...we'd best be about getting to know them. Read a book. Make some foreign friends. Follow a blog. Watch a documentary. Go on a service trip. etc.


  1. She is cute in goggles. Of course, it makes me remember when you were using some goggles when you were around her age.

  2. Except I wasn't wearing them for the fun of it, and I was a bit older--old enough to KNOW I looked like a complete moron.

  3. (which is not to say she looks like one...I think she's cute too. I just felt like an idiot wearing goggles around with that whole Bells palsy thing)

  4. It really boils down to a matter of one's feelings doesn't it. She presently thinks she looks cute, and she is cute! I bet she draws smiles and giggles from those who see her enjoying herself. You also drew smiles but, because you had to wear the goggles, and perhaps because you were a little older than this young lady in the photo, you drew the conclusion that you were being mocked. I am sure that if you had been able to wear them for the reason of "just because", as she is doing, you would have enjoyed your goggles just as much. :) Think back to beads, dress up clothes, doll in the stroller days (and the neighbor boy's reactions) and I believe that you will agree with the idea that it mostly boils down to one's feelings. So, bearing that in mind, strap on your own pair of goggles and have a great day!!!