Thursday, May 1, 2014

Atlas. No Shrugging allowed.

Alright, I blame Facebook. I've already posted photos from my trip to Morocco there, so I'm considerably less motivated to say much about it here. But, since I know a few of you don't have facebook's a few pictures from Morocco. There were waterfalls, green fields and sunlit valleys, quiet mountains with herds of sheep and lady shepherds leading them up the hillsides to water. There were market squares, including a pink one, and a lot of donkeys on the path. There were children on the paths, back and forth to classes, and--while we were there--art easels on the paths. Or off the paths, perched on the edges of the bright green fields. Then men I was painting with seemed particularly interested in the igherms--the granary/civic buildings in the valley. Igherms are...ok. They're big and brown and dusty. These in the areas where we were have been restored recently by the Atlas Cultural Foundation, and I saw a postcard with before and after photos. The difference impressed me. But given the choice between flowering fruit trees, sheep out to pasture, the gentle quiet of rural neighbors in the late afternoon watering their plants and laughing together, or a big brown dirt building...I'm gonna want to draw the former. Or at least sit and soak it in, and that's what I liked most about Zawiya Ahansal in Morocco.

Oh, and I like my Berber carpet souvenir, too.

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