Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bliss on a Wednesday Morning

Good morning! It's Wednesday, and a good one so far! Some reasons it's good: It's cold and drizzly outside, but I'm snuggled inside with a cup of coffee and a piece of hazelnut-chocolate coffee cake for breakfast. I'm probably going for my first ever pedicure in Switzerland with a new friend this evening. Raph finishes his military service and will be back in Basel soon! I've had extra work for Cambridge and have an MA thesis to edit, so I'm earning money to offset my tickets home. Speaking of home, I'm feeling pretty well-connected and all loved up after this week's skype marathons with parents, brothers, cousins, aunts, and roommates (but not Grandparents...who are hard to catch these days! call me!!). I'm about to go off to see my friendly compatriots at my spacious office to think and write for a half day about water in Zambia, emancipatory projects, and redemption. Ah, that's a good day. Plus, I'm going hiking in the mountains this weekend with a friend from school.

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