Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Good Morning Basel

I'm experimenting with new daily routines, trying to find one that suits me and encourages me to do the things that I need to do (since I'm definitely more motivated at some points than others!). Today I got up at 6.15 to go running, and this is the nice view I have when I lean out my window at that hour:

According to my little plan I'm trying this week, after my early morning run and shower, I should move on to German for two hours starting about now (will start as soon as I finish this!). Then off to my office for three hours of proper PhDing, then lunch, then another couple hours of proper work before skipping home for a snack and some quality time with my drawing supplies. And as for other essentials: anchor points are Monday/Tuesday is laundry, Friday is grocery shopping, and Sunday afternoon is house chores. Doesn't that sound like a good Stephanie schedule? I mean, as long as I go to bed early?


  1. Sounds like a good schedule. And yes, getting to bed on time does make those early mornings easier to tackle.
    Glad to hear you are drawing. Will hope to see photos, either on the blog or in an email.
    Maybe at least one day a week could be set aside for a blog update as well. Wouldn't have to be terribly long, just enough to let us all know you are faring well.
    Best wishes to you kiddo.

  2. Do you ever wave at others who are leaning out their windows as they enjoy the morning view???

  3. Great view you have there, and I am very much impressed by your shedule. See you next Saturday, hope you can swim by then and that the weather is fine for a dip in the Rhine.