Friday, September 10, 2010


I think I turned a corner in my soul yesterday or the day before, cuz I am getting SO excited about going home! Bothering my grandparents, hanging out with the boys, country music, meals and projects and jokes with mom and dad, thrift store shopping and hiking and lots of tea with Anne, new friends, a new church maybe, a new job (maybe), a new couch (mom saved me a couch!!), long conversations with Tinkerbelle...and drive through coffee huts, to name just a few marvellous things about going home. Life is good in the Northwest. Oh, know what else? I might just go watch Emily bowl in the national finals in Reno in October and get some lessons from the semi-pros. Uh huh. Watch out Swiss time we go bowling, I am so going to beat you all. And watch out other finalists, cuz Emily is comin' to town!

In other news...I hear rumor of a new malaria-drug related project at Novartis in Basel, and the new director has my CV, by which he is hopefully exceedingly impressed.

And now...back to editing. I'm cleaning up the English version of the African Studies guidelines for the Centre for African Studies in Basel, and I think from now on when people ask what a person can do with my degree, I'll just hand them a copy of this with the most salient points highlighted for them. The program really is cool and teaches so much relevant stuff! I almost want to do it again.


  1. And a table! Don't forget the green vintage table!!
    Yep, the corner has been turned. Much more upbeat sounding. Glad to see it. Tinkerbelle and the rest of us are counting down the time to your arrival.
    Someone must have heard rumors that you would be coming home. More coffee huts have sprung up in our area, undoubtably for the kid that could not stand to go down the coffee aisle when she was little. The coffee huts are ready and waiting, just show up with money.
    Love ya kiddo.

  2. Well-- I am sure there will be "tears and flapdoodle" as Huck Finn described it, upon departure, but I am really glad you have turned that particular corner and can rejoice at your return home. The Lord bless you as you complete your preparations and as you travel. Looking forward to seeing, you, Sweetheart.


  3. oh, there's no shortage of tears and flapdoodle already...