Monday, August 31, 2009

Triathlon - five more days!

Five more days until our relay triathlon in GĂ©rardmer, France. Do these guys look tough or what!?
More about Crazy Competitive Triathlon Peeps

I'm the runner for my team, and our team name (thanks to me and my big mouth) is "Faster than you can say Jack Robinson." I suggested it at the beginning of the summer when I still had plans to run four times a week, and when I was busy trash talking a team of French guys I sort of know, suggesting that they be prepared to be left in the dust. As it actually happened, though, I think I ran about four times all summer, until precisely 9 days ago when I decided I should hurry up and train. So, I've been running a lot and man! I'm tired! I haven't slept so much in months. On the up side, there is often an old man practicing his Alp horn in the evenings when I run along the Wanderweg toward the woods that divide Pfeffingen from Ettingen. His songs make the evenings sweeter in my neighborhood. I also just found out that the French dude I needed to outrun got hurt (which I was sorry to hear...really, I was), and since I don't feel the need to outdo anyone anymore or live up to any fantastic claims I might have made in June, the pressure has really let up. I could walk if I felt like it.


  1. Ah, Stephanie! You are the heart and soul of compassion, fair play, and all that... Sigh...

    And such discipline!

    I'm sure your race will go well... :-)

  2. you tripped him, i know you did!

  3. Hehehehe. Good luck! (Not that you need it - you eliminated your competitor! (good work!))

  4. Why do people keep saying I sabatoged the French team?! What are you all trying to say about me? I'm offended!

  5. Your words betray you--"sabotage" is an old French word, you know...Even has to do with shoes (another connection to the footrace). And who do we know as the "shoe-lady"? Do you think there's no connection? Think again... :-)


  6. Have fun and good luck! I'm glad the pressure's off! :) Christi