Tuesday, June 17, 2008

2 million things to do before Tuesday

Gregg asked today if I've totally abandoned my blog, so I thought I'd better make an appearance before I lose my readership. I'm still alive and kicking...I've just been a wee bit busy these last couple weeks finishing up school, working, helping at camp, getting ready to both move and go home, and learning copious amounts of German grammar and vocabulary on top of it all. As previously mentioned, I'm taking German classes every day now, and while I'd like to say that my German is AMAZING (as I predicted), I'm afraid the people who have helped me on my homework would call foul. So let's just say that my German is coming along and expanding in all directions. Just today, for instance, I understood a 3 year old on the tram, ordered my food in German (and got what I wanted, which is the real accomplishment!) and managed to follow 2/3 of the dialog in a DuckTales episode with no subtitles.

So, wanna know what I have to do this week? Well, for starters, I have a quiz tomorrow, and then a test on Thursday. I'm ready for the Quiz but naturally not the test (it's only Tuesday!). I have two evil papers that have been hounding me for weeks now, and I'm planning to bust one of them out just as soon as I'm done with this. Then at some point I need to pack up my room, which...now...I mean, it's just a room, how hard can it be, right?! Well,that's what I used to think in college too, but it's impressive just how much I can fit in one little bitty bedroom. Add to that the minor complications of no boxes, no car trunk, and no laundry basket (my tried and true transport method in college), I'm left with a pile of Migro bags, one backpack, a suitcase, and a couple of banana boxes. yup. Then I also have 2 papers to edit for my recently acquired editing internship with my department, and a picture or two I'd like to draw, but those are starting to look sketchy. heh heh..get it...sketchy. :) I'm also scheduled to visit Mr. and Mrs. O and family in Germany, catch two soccer games(Thursday night with some girls, and Monday night with some other friends who are enthusiastically setting me up with their 28 year old Med-School cousin from Oklahoma. Oklahoma is a really long ways from both Basel and Oregon, so I'd say it's not looking good for mister Medschool, but I'm sure we'll all have a lovely time anyway). I guess that's not quite 2 million things to do but it kind of feels like that many.

I went to a bad taste party last week! That was fun. We were celebrating the June birthdays in my Bible study, and we were supposed to show up in awful clothes. Valda, Janet, Stephan and Aubrey wore really outrageous yet creative outfits. I might be able to rustle up some pictures from somebody and add them later. I wanted to go dressed like a homeschooler, but I didn't have a jumper. Instead I tried to go for the more subtle bad taste look--the outfit that somebody might very well try to wear, but that really shouldn't be worn. It was only moderately successful though. Richard said, "Steph, didn't anyone tell you it was supposed to be a bad taste party?" And in retrospect, I maybe should have worn socks with my flip-flops to clear up any ambiguity about whether or not I thought I matched.

Here are a few pictures from the Sunday School camp a couple weeks back. The theme was "Romans" and most of our activities somehow related to the theme.

Jeremiah, painting his teams "chariot" (aka balloon-propelled milk carton with wheels) in preparation for the races.

Chariot races. There are winners...and there are chariots that didnt't go.

Dressed up for our Roman-style "banquet" (Saturday night dinner).

One very cute little Roman soldierette.

I think we coulda fit a couple more girls yet on that swing...

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  1. I say if you can order in German and get what you expect you're doing well. I claim my German is quite decent but I still find that half of the time I end up with something other than what I thought I'd ordered. . .