Sunday, April 6, 2008

The fishing plans continue...

Mark Twain once said “Switzerland is simply a large, lumpy, solid rock with a thick skin of grass stretched over it.”

I missed church today due to a sore throat and a lazy alarm clock. I probably would have sucked it up and gone despite not feeling well because I look forward to Sundays so much, but I woke up too late to catch my tram so I decided maybe it was best to stay home and finish getting well.

The problem with this daily blogging bit is I really don’t have that much that’s interesting to say. Plus, anything I say will be old news to some of you.

I suppose I should update you on the status of my fishing plans. Bryan went fishing yesterday in Oregon and that only added to my annual spring itch to fish. I’ve been researching my prospects, and it looks like fishing is an under appreciated pastime here. Fly fishing is somewhat popular, at least among expats. There isn’t much fishing in the Basel area, but there are a number of guide services who fish trout and carp near either Zurich or Geneva. Geneva is too far, but I could go to Zurich. Of course I’m not going to pay for a guide—I’m only interested in them for info on where they fish. I couldn’t believe how much the guides charge! 350 for one day, or almost 1000 francs for 3 days of fishing! Clearly, I have been looking for work in the wrong sector.

My roommate in college sold bear tours on the spit in Homer, Alaska, and I always thought that was a pretty cool job. She also worked on the commercial fishing boats in the summer, which is different than guiding, but I’ve heard it on good report that in general, girl fishing guides do quite well profiting off the novelty factor.

The only glitch in this is that I don’t know how to fly fish, and I really don’t know much about fishing of any sort. I have been handicapped thus far by going with people who do all the work for me. I bring the sandwiches and they bring all the fishing stuff, help me set up my pole, I bait my own hook (I have some pride, you know), they tell me which rock to stand on and where to drop my line, and when I catch a fish, they pack it out for me. So basically, I’ve been benefitting from my own personal guide service all along and haven’t learned squat about fishing on my own. It’s been this way ever since I started fishing with dad and the boys.

While this is generally an excellent system (as evidenced by the photo), it would be the first thing that would have to change if I’m going to cash in on the fishing guide business. In the mean time, I’m thinking my best bet is to make friends with someone who would teach me fly fishing out of the goodness of his or her heart. And I’ll happily pack sandwiches. That's plan A. Plan B is to buy a normal fishing pole and tackle and fish for trout that way, which I've done plenty of times and could manage even on my own. There is also some possibility that my normal fishing "guide" Davorin will be passing through CH in the near future and will let me tag along on a fishing trip, and that would be the most fun scenario!

Alrighty. I’m off to finish writing my presentation. Ciao.

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