Monday, April 28, 2008

Hiking- Aesch and Laufen

I went hiking yesterday across the great green hills of Switzerville with Heather and some other people from church. I discovered more people that used to live in Beaverton, and Stephen said he'd never been to Oregon--he flew from Seattle to San Fran. I hear that a lot, and I'm tellin you all, if you miss Oregon, you've missed the best part of the west coast! But maybe I should keep the secret better.

Pictures from the afternoon:

On a train not called the City of New Orleans.

Did we really hike, or did we just sit in a field eating scottish cookies (pardon me--"biscuits"). You'll never know!

Teeter-totter, anyone?

Whoops! :) Did she do that on purpose to him??

The lovely Heather, showing her monkey-like agility.

I found this cool-looking grub crossing the road.

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