Thursday, April 24, 2008

Found a job!

I found a job! Starting in July I'll be working as an au pair for a family here in the Basel area. I'm really, really pleased with how this has all worked out. As you know, I posted my profile last Thursday. I met this family Monday evening, and today I turned down three other offers to take this one instead. They have two girls, who are 2 and 4, and they are so sweet! They're normal kids and I'm sure they have their days, but they are cheerful, well-loved little girls, and oh-so-cute. They don't speak any English, so that'll be interesting, but they are chatterboxes anyway, and were happy to show me the neighbors pigs and their room and tell me all about it all in swiss german. My Swiss German is going to be good--AMAZING--by the time I'm done with this! :) At least at a 4 year old level.

I also really like the parents--they seem down to earth and direct, and appear to be exceptionally thoughtful/intentional parents, consistent about their "noes," patient with noise and tears and questions, and all that. So I'm looking forward to working for them and being part of their extended "family" soon! I'll be living out at their place too, so work will be close and convenient, and (and this is what I'm really enthusiastic about!) they have agreed to speak only German to me, as much as possible. Their current au pair is from the French-speaking part of Switzerland, and she didn't speak German when she came to live with them, but she does now. So I believe them when they say they will stick to German, and I will also be able to take a class a couple evenings a week. Rahel even said that if i keep a journal in German, she'll read it and correct it for me. So I would have written practice too.

Good deal, huh? The family says they're really pleased I'm coming too, which is nice but I have a hard time seeing how they are possibly gaining nearly as much as I am! But I'm sure it's not easy to choose someone you trust to care for your children, and it's probably a relief to have things arranged finally. They've been looking for an au pair for over a month!

Ok. Gotta swap the laundry and go to sleep. Love and miss y'all.

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