Saturday, April 19, 2008


Well, friends. I'm afraid I've lost fair and square. I am writing this post early the morning of the 20th. I blame a birthday party. I went to Chantelle's birthday party way across town and forgot I was supposed to leave early lest my coach turn into a pumpkin, or I be late with my blog update. I left a full hour before I needed to be home, but I missed a crucial tram, had to take a different one, had an 11 minute connection at the next one, and now here i am, late. I hope you're not too disappointed Gregg. I know you were expecting me to outlast everyone and all. But, while it's been a fun 20 days of talking to you all every day, I think I'm about talked-out anyway. Done. not much more to say. And I think if I have a break, a "pause" as they say in German, I'll have much more interesting things to say again. Plus I"m going on a trip, and I'm not taking my internet connection with me, so it would have been a little tough to carry on anywhow.

So, the party this evening was fun! I do like my classmates. They're a nice bunch of people. There were a bunch of other people I didn't know there, and we were an international crowd as ususal. Off the top of my head, we represented the US, Canada, Great Britian, Ireland, Scandanvia, Switzerland, Germany, China, Australia, Egypt, Namibia, South Africa, and Hungary. there may have been others too, but that's all I can think of. There was an unusually high concentration of Swiss people at this party because Chantelle's boyfriend is Swiss and she has a lot of Swiss friends through him. And with so many swiss people running around, there were lots of swiss kisses (like the french greeting, except three times) and I sucessfully navigated my first swiss kiss with a guy! :) Thought you'd be glad to hear that. When I first got here I avoided kisses at all costs, even with nice old ladies. Then my land lady and her mom started with them, and then some people at church and pretty soon my girl classmates, and now my guy classmates too. S0 I guess we're all friends! Hugs are still much better though.

This morning I went to Valda's house to study German with her and Janet. After a lovely breakfast of toast, baked beans, and orange juice, we moved on to a cup of tea. We talked about German for a while. Then Janet pulled out her nail polish to paint her toes, and I had brought mine too as chance would have it, so Valda pulled out hers and we sat painting our toe nails and visiting. Then...I think we might have discussed german a bit more while Janet did her make-up...oh! we did! I distinctly remember discussing bi-lingual weddings. By then it was after 12, and since we'd had such a productive morning, we called it quits and i went home to answer more job emails.

I have to go make a salad for tomorrow. Laters!


  1. Lost? Not unless you messed with the time stamp, which says 11:59 p.m. By the skin of your teeth, maybe, but you're still in the running.

  2. I don't know who checks, but it shows up as 11:59pm. You might just get lucky. Or unlucky, depending on your fed-up-ness with this competition...

  3. Uh... this post isn't late. You posted it at 11:59 PM.

  4. (Just comparing timestamps to make sure blog is actually at UTC+2.)

  5. (Okay, it checks out. Steph's definitely still a contender. Happy birthday!)